How to turn back time at your event


When given the theme to provide décor for an event is always an exciting time. The cogs start turning and the creativity juices start flowing, ideas are thrown around on how the venue can be transformed so that when the guests arrive their first response is ‘WOW!’

The theme for an event last week was of the historic figure of Louis XIV, Sun King of France. The reaction was not quite the usual, to say the least. More deep thought and a lot of research… which was then followed by the excitement! This was an opportunity to create something very special and very unique.

With two Flambeaux, we now have in stock and a fire dancer to entertain the arriving guests. Fire filled the entrance.




The corridor was transformed, using carpet on the floor giving it a look of grass, shrubbery filled the ceiling and draped down walls with a working water fountain lit with green uplighters, really brought the gardens indoors.




Outside saw the LED colour changing dancing water as guests looked out of the windows of the corridor.

colour changing dancing water




The Giant Chandelier was hung in the centre of the hall, whilst mirrored wall panels were placed along the walls, creating the grand Ballroom.




The Dining rooms was transformed into a banquet hall fit for a king, with giant candelabras and images of staff in French artwork.






On this event the clock was turned back in time and the results were visually stunning, leaving guests to experience the unique 1700’s France themed event.

We stock props and set pieces for many themes and can also create bespoke pieces to suit any theme.