Lets join the blogging nation

So, here at the JezO’s Events Headquarters, after much deliberation we’ve decided it was about time we joined the nation of bloggers. Just because we are a sociable bunch.

bloggingSo our first blog being broadcast today, which ends a week where the field team have been away from HQ, with the field team away, the office team have been free to roam…and play! With a warehouse full of props, décor illusions and tricks who would not be tempted during their coffee break?  The little red bike, used by JezO in his magic act made it out of its box and joined me in the office for a bit! #itsnotaseasyasitlooks! #ouch! plus who would not be a little bit tempted to test the state of the art sound equipment? #shhh!

JezO’s Events ltd is an ever growing business in the heart of an exciting industry and I look forward to sharing with you everything all the team gets up to,whether it is at a corporate event, in a field in the rain at 2am packing away from a festival, the latest piece of equipment we now have in stock or to tell you all about our exciting services that JezO’s Events provides.

I would also like to add that it has been a pleasure to meet some new people here at headquarters and out and about this week, discussing exciting events coming up as well as having familiar faces drop by.

Here’s hoping the office printer starts to behave itself… #scripteverywhere

Until our next blog

Suzie and the JezO’s Events Team.

While the field team are away the office staf get to play